My name is Eszter and I am a 26-year-old dreamer. I’m still connected to my inner child and I am full of playfulness, faith, hope and positivity. I like to be open without masks and big walls. I firmly believe everybody is good from the inside, and we just need to listen to see this and not put people into a box immediately. Giving and sharing have to be in balance, this is how life can work.


My mission is to be open, express myself freely and live the life I want. This is what I want to bring into the world also, for others to be free and to be able to express themselves, to follow their dreams and passions. I always have been very fond of being in the nature and I want to show to others how I view the world and the nature. I think it is important for our planet that people connect more to themselves and to the nature and through my art, photography, healing music and personal care I wish to achieve this.


Through my photography and art I want to show people the beauty of nature, so they will respect the nature more. I also want to make projects that make people think about the environment and the impact they have on it.

I am an acknowledged artist, I want to see my picture in exhibitions, paintings and websites. People connect to the world I show, and more and more people start to realize that the nature is inside us, we are part of the nature, and we have to take care of it more. Through my photo’s, my art, exhibitions, workshops and lectures I want to connect people to the nature.

I believe that improvisation in making sounds is healing for people because it helps to open the hidden parts within ourselves. It also helps to meet with the shadows / darkness / blockades within ourselves and transform them into light. It can also be healing to hear people express their true selves through sounds and music. I want to play a part in this also by give sound healing concerts in collaboration with other musicians and sound healers and give workshops about expressing one selves through sound.

Exhibitions, Publications


“The First Exhibition” 
Budapest, Tarajos Gote Art Club,  2012

“I can see, let you see too!”
Kiskunfélegyháza, 2012 

Independent exhibition
Budapest, Sehol Bár, 2014

Budapest, Csepel, Kék Iskola Galéria, 2015

“Fleeting Eternity”  
Budapest, Szimpla kert,  2016

“Fleeting Eternity”
Budapest, Jurányi suterene, 2016



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