Photography with heart...

Once upon a time, over 10 years ago, a little girl got an old camera. She immediately began taking pictures of everything around her: everything she found pretty and interesting in the world. Her dream was to show the magic she saw in the mundane, the beauty in shapes and colours, faces, movement, and nature. 

That little girl was me. And even though I’ve changed and learned a lot through the years, my philosophy and passion remained the same. In my work I capture the fleeting moments of joy and beauty in our everyday lives and show the world the way I see it: a playful, magical place of wonder and happiness.

To learn more about what I've done so far, check out my portfolio or browse through my history.

Did you know...

…that besides producing and selling my own artwork, I also take commissions and I’m available for hire if you have a photo-shoot in mind.

Let it be product photography you need, or an event, concert or wedding you’d like to have documented, I’d gladly be at your service. 

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Because each need is different, I like giving each client a customised solution. Please, contact me here or via email, and write a few lines about what you have in mind. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can with a quote.

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